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A half day at the Vatican Museum

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So today our little group was up and at them early as we headed to be first online at the Vatican Museum for the 9:00 opening. Little did we know we would be getting in an hour early. We decided to join a tour group for a “few more Euros”. Now I am not one for tour groups but in the end we decided this was well worth it as the first place we went was the Sistine Chapel. And there was only a hand full of people, you could actually see the design in the floor patterns. We spent a lot of time there I would say almost half of our time with the tour guide. He went over every painting in Michangelo’s masterpiece, even the little details that have recently been discovered by art historians.

After our morning in the museum we exited via St. peter’s Basilica. They were having an ordination mass for the North American College in Rome, these seminarians were becoming transitional deacons. What this is means is they will be ready to take there final vows next year to become priests. So there were lots of families present along with numerous priests to concelebrate the Mass. It was finally time for lunch so we headed out to grab a bite.

The afternoon walk started by crossing the bridge of angles near castle san Angelo and then proceeded up to the palazzo Farnese. We then walked through the old Jewish section of Rome coming to Octavia’s Portico and the Theater of Marcello. After Mike made a new friend in his quest for coins we headed towards another of the great spaces of Rome, the Campidogilo by Michangelo. From here we were losing light fast so we hopped in a taxi to see another couple monuments the coliseum, the circus, and the Arch of Constantine.

Then we headed to Trastevera for a small walk and to visit a favorite story. We also showed D&D Santa Maria in Trastevera and it’s wonderful square so full of Italian life. I love the cranky streets of Trastevera where you see families out for strolls and enjoying life.

After our stroll we headed towards Plazzo Novena and a restaurant recommended by a friend of Mike’s and confirmed by some other friends we ran into while walking Rome. For all of our new urbanists yes we eat at a lace called “Cul de Sac”. It is a very narrow restaurant hence the name. We sat outside and enjoyed the live concert that was being preformed across the street. All in all not a bad day in Rome, not sure there are bad days in Rome.

Next we head to Pienza and the start of the Seaside Pienza Institute trip…


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Mr. Sommer is the founding principal of Sommer Design Studios, an architecture and place-making firm specializing in traditional and classical design. Jeremy enjoys traveling in order to expand his knowledge of beautiful places through his use of drawing and photography.
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