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Arrival in Rome

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what a day, let’s just say that you adapt to the situation and after being delayed a few hours I finally made it to Rome. I took the train into Rome from the airport and arrived on the far side of St.Peter’s. I tell you this because I walked past the Pope’s train station, I bet you did not know the Pope has his very own train station or at least had I am not sure it gets much use these days. This venture took me through St.Peter’s square, which yes I know it is not square in shape it is actually a trapezoid intersects with an oval, but square denotes not only shape but use. As in public square a place where people gather but I digress. I always love to see this church though it is not my favorite in Rome, but there is something about crossing that space and seeing the diversity of people from around the world that I enjoy as a catholic or as my friend David says a Papist.

After getting settled we headed out for an afternoon stroll leaving from our hotel and headed towards the Spanish steps one of the great gathering places of Rome. In actuality we were heading for a favorite enoteca for an afternoon snack and a glass of wine, which I have to confess we discovered though our good friend David. After our afternoon snack and wine we then headed to the Spanish Steps. From there it was a short stroll to the Trevi Fountain to toss in a coin for our return trip to the Eternal City.

After it was on ward to Poggi for a few art supplies I hope to get a chance to use in the coming days. We were then off to the Hotel Minerva for a drink and the view of the city, then it was downstairs and to my favorite building/ church in all of Rome the Pantheon. There is something about that space and it’s connection to ancient Rome and the present church along with how when I enter and occupy that space it just moves some unknown human connection in me. I am not sure if anyone else feels that about this space but it just makes me feel more human.

After our visit to the Pantheon we headed to Plazza Novena to show our companions the space along with the Fountain of the Four Rovers along with St. Agnes by Borromini then onwards towards dinner at another favorite Costanzas which Samantha helped us to discover on our first trip to Rome and we have been going back ever since. It is located in the remains of the theater of Pompey, and they have the best squash blossoms.

I always enjoy Rome it is like revisiting a life long friend and picking up right where you left off discovering new things about someone you have known forever. I hope you enjoy some of the images and let me know what your favorite memory of Rome is….


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Mr. Sommer is the founding principal of Sommer Design Studios, an architecture and place-making firm specializing in traditional and classical design. Jeremy enjoys traveling in order to expand his knowledge of beautiful places through his use of drawing and photography.
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