Our place-making services spans all different sizes and scopes from a block to a whole new development with the goal always the same to improve the built environment.  We offer a variety of services from design to implementation and review.  Our designs look to their site for the inspiration and are based on the pincples of new urbanism.  The new urbanism is not as new as the name implies but takes the ideas and priciples of urbanism and combines them with the needs of today’s society which now includes the automobile. while never forgetting the pedistrian.  We offer many services for place-making design, visioning books, pattern books, code review, form based codes, plan review, and town architect services.  We also team with others espcially those of the  New Urban Guild in order to provide our clients with the best possible resources and services.


Visioning Books

Visioning books contain the design and vision for the property.  They help to share your design with potential clients and investors.  They are a combination of the plan, perspective vinigettes describing the main spaces of the plan, and architectural character of the place.  All of these grow out of the site and take on a regional quality.

Pattern Book and Codes

These are the tools that help you implement the vision.  The pattern books help to set the standard of design and construction, which are assembled based on local precedent and technique.  It is important to explain why we do certain things so that they become embedded in the local vernacular of the place.  The code of the place help to regulate street design and placement of buildings in relation to the street.  This is what gives a place it’s form.

Town Architect

The role of the town architect is to help make sure the town or village is being developed according to the vision.  They help to review plans both commercial and residential to make sure they are meeting the intent of the code.  The town architect also does on site inspections to make sure the buildings are according to the approved drawings.  They can also serve as a resource in selecting a group of pre-qualified architects, designers, and builders to help implement the vision.  The town architect can be based on site or travel depending on the need of the development.